Have you ever looked at something and said “I could make that” or make it better or make is for less money?  Well, then tell us what you did?  write an article about how you did it?  what you created and then share your details.  Share your plans.  Wouldn’t you like other to do the same, share with you their ideas and plans.  Not because you want to make an exact copy, but because you believe in the community of sharing creative ideas.

Rules. Rules. Rules.  Of course we have rules!  We need to agree on a few simple points.

We are sharing this site , so you can’t use it to merchandise your business.  As the site owner, we reserve the right to remove your content for any reason.  You can claim a copyright of your illustrations and plans, but by posting to our site, you grant permission for our use on this same site.

…and you must keep it clean:

This site is a G rated site.  We reserve the right to remove offensive content to comments.  If you submit an article for posting to this site, we can request edits before we post.  We reserve the right to not post content that we view as being offensive, dangerous, or inappropriate.

We hope that you find this site inspiring and useful.  Remember, what makes these sites useful is more content and ideas from you.  Give back, by sharing your creative ideas.  Have fun!